Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This is a Good Question

What makes a blog good? Why would people want to follow it? What is the purpose of a blog? Wow they were coming at me today like I couldn't believe.

I'm not sure is the answer to each one of those. I have read plenty of blogs. Some I choose to follow because I personally know the person writing the blog, and others because of their content. There is no set reason for why I follow a blog. I think it depends on what I am looking for.

I write a blog for several reasons. One I try to blog daily, it keeps me writing. Another is that it sometimes serves as a reference for where my brain is. My brain tends to travel in several directions at a time. Thirdly, I sometimes do what I call public service writing. I also use my blog for book reviews.  Finally, it's just another outlet for my writing. I enjoy doing it.

I'd like to have a big following. I'm happy that I have a following at all. I don't compare my following to the following on other blogs. I don't write like other blogs. My sister's nephew and his wife started blogging when they learned they were having quadruplets. That's something totally different. Others write to vent. People follow blogs for as many reasons as we write them.

Blogging is writing. I love writing. The two go hand-in-hand for me. If you find a blog you like follow it, let the blogger know someone is interested.

Happy reading all.

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