Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ok, I'm In the Saddle Again

Waiting for Habitat for Humanity to come pick up my furniture. Was hoping they would be here earlier. Oh, well.

The rain last night was needed, I only wish the temps had gone down a bit with it. I am getting used to the heat, but have put air-conditioner on my list of wants for a new house.

The neighborhood ground hog is still on the loose. I'd like him to be out of the neighborhood. Little varmint is destructive.

I have packed away the everyday dinner dishes. I will be giving them away. Probably to the Fish Store. I am eating off china from now on. No sense for it to just take up space in my cupboard. I have my push mower back in the garage along with my car. When the furniture goes then the rider will go back in there. Slow and steady accomplishments.

I am currently in the process of getting my kitchen counters completely cleaned off. As soon as I do that, I can get my Dad up here to put in a range hood and back splash.  There have been range hoods here over the years, but there is not one currently. There has never been a back splash, just a wall that has been well washed. I am excited about that. This gives me a chance to clean out pans and cookware I don't use. time for it to go.

I have a couple of ideas on my way to becoming a millionaire. I'm not sure how to get them started. I am working out a plan of action on both later today. We will see which one I can pull off. I am excited to have a challenge put in front of me. Keep watching for which one I start on first.

Duty calls.


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