Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Another Sleepless Night in Paradise

It's been ages since I've done a middle of the night blog. It's 3 am and I am wide awake. I don't get it. I turned off all electronics... computer and TV at 10pm. I finished a book I was reading by 11:30pm. Should have gone to sleep as soon as the lights were out. I was tired.

Ah, someone forgot to tell my mind it was time to shut down. JJ Heller and Mark Lowry lyrics alternately ran through my head. When those exhausted themselves, my mind went to all the things I need to do. Let's see write a review, post the review, work on the novel, housework, make a run to the Fish Store with dishes, run ISBN numbers off my books through and see which ones they will buy, the list is endless. Finally at 1:30 am I decided to get up. Have I accomplished anything? No.

Am I tired? Yes. Have I tried endless things to fall asleep? Yes. I tried deep breathing and envisioning myself on the beach. Did it work? Well, I'm writing a blog, so I'd guess not.

Lack of sleep does not just leave me tired the next day it has health ramifications. My blood pressure will rise as will my blood sugars. No, I'm not eating or drinking caffeine. When my body does not get the sleep it needs my whole system is off kilter. I hate days like this. Napping will not work as then I'd be up another night.

I'm going to try again. Ya'll have a great day.


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