Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The damaging effects of a broken home

This must be the hardest lesson in life I thought, how could anyone be made to go through such a painful thing as having to watch mummy and Dad go their separate ways without the slightest consideration for me, I thought. That was my very first lesson in life, and even am over 30 years of age now it is still as painful as it was back when it happened, for I was just a boy of five.

I couldn’t understand how two people could make a decision when there are 3 people involved, I think to rudest thing that could happen to anyone in life was to be disrespected, to be ‘unheard, totally ignored and unvalued. Those weren’t the exact word I would have used to describe my feelings at the time, but in my own little way I yearned to be heard.

To make matters worse, I was an only child and having no brothers and sisters meant I had to play on my own, fight my own battles and make my own entertainment. Looking back at my life today and how my one-parent upbringing has affected my relationships, I have come to understand how hard it must been for my parents to have to split just 6 years after they tied the knot.

As a child you were scared with the psychological damaging effects of being brought up in a broken home for the rest of your life, and subconsciously it would affect a lot of the decisions you make later on in life, relationship-wise and otherwise and I was no exception to that rule, judging by the history of my relationships.

Although I seemed to be settled in one now coming up to three years even though I still get the tendency to do a ‘Tiger Woods’, or maybe that is every man’s thing as my present partner would say, “bloody men, they can’t keep it in their pants”. I have read about people from a broken home committing gruesome atrocities and it kinds of make me wonder whether they are just using as a cover up for their atrocities, because the only thing I feel, being from a broken home myself is lack of maternal love and I don’t think I am doing bad at making up for that with the number of relationships and flings that I have had in the past.


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