Monday, August 1, 2011

Manic Monday Rolls to an End

Glad today is almost over. Thurs. picked up my granddaughter who helped me set up for a garage sale. It took us four hours to get things set up and priced. Then we went to my sister's to swim and cool off.  Friday morning we opened the garage door at 8:30 am. Sale started at 9 am. First people arrived 8:45 am. I never turn down potential customers. We were steady until noon.

Megan proved herself to be a good sales person. She knew enough to take offers made if they sounded reasonable. By 4:30pm she was bored and ready to be done. So she took it up on herself to go out by the road and wave the garage sale sign around. While she did get people to honk at her, no sales materialized. We closed up shop and again went to the lake. She learned to drive the jet ski so was very happy and very exhausted.

Saturday we awoke early and went to breakfast. Please let me tell you about breakfast. It said 'Please Wait for Hostess to Seat You.' So Megan sat on a wooden bench then almost fell asleep. We had waited over five minutes and I was just about to leave when a Troll came to seat us. The woman had long grey hair, slightly unkempt. She was short and round. I think if she had smiled her face would have cracked. She seated us then walked away. Another five minutes passed and Megan was almost asleep again, when she arrived to take drink orders. We were ready to give our order, but she did not wait to hear that. In the meantime, several people have grown impatient at waiting to be seated and seated themselves. Most of them had the misfortune to seat themselves in the Troll's section and she became even grumpier.  She returned with our drinks and reluctantly took our order. Then she disappeared. She delivered drinks and took orders, but ours did not come. I was just about to ask about it when she came. Set Megan's down and then mine and walked away. I said,'Wait,' but was ignored. The next thing I know Troll woman is back. She has given me the wrong order (which I knew because I said 'Wait.'). She then proceeds to take the plate in front of me and set down my order. I am again not pleased as my food is cold. I set it on the edge of the table. She came by and said I'll take that for you. To which I responded, "Good, I'm not eating cold food and don't have the time for them to make me something hot." She left returned with my bill, she had removed my charges. Megan had hardly eaten hers either.
    You need to know that the summer after my freshman year of college I waited tables. I know what it's like to be a waitress. This lady did not even come close. We paid the bill and left. No, I did not leave a tip. Not even the penny that is usually left for awful waitresses. The Lumber Jack has lost a customer. What she did was not legal. Once you have set a meal on a table, you cannot pick it up and serve it to someone else. She should have known that.
    Megan chose to go back to sleep once we got home. No problem for me I am reading a book for review. So my first customers showed up at 8:50am. It was busy until 11 am. Then nothing. Megan is still sound asleep. I checked on her a couple of times.
    My parents showed up just after noon. Dad had come to fix my kitchen error. I 'd purchased a new refrigerator...mine had died...and it was 1/4 inch too tall. He just raised the kitchen cupboards and it was good as new. Yeah!!!! The drill woke Megan. Sales were off and on the rest of the day. All in all it was a good sale.
    We went with my parents to the lake, had dinner with my sister and her family. Dad and I rode as spotters in the speed boat as Megan and Lisa took to the tubes.  Again Megan was worn out. I returned her to her Mom on Sunday. I was too tired to deal with the garage.
    I should also add that I discovered a new neighbor on Saturday. A very unwelcome ground hog is trying to tunnel under my foundation. Live traps have been set to get the little bugger.
   Today I awoke rested and ready to go. Habitat for Humanity is coming on Wed. to get the furniture for their resale store. I bagged up and delivered six bags of clothing to the Fish Store...a resale shop and outreach center. I still have books to get rid of. I hear that will take some of them. So, I'll be checking that tomorrow. I have some dishes to find a home for. The car can now be parked in the garage. Things are looking up.
   I also learned today that I will be guest blogging on You will have to watch for me there. I am glad today is almost over. Tomorrow will be equally as busy.


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