Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm Behind

I've missed a couple days of blogging. So, let me catch you up. Got a phone call on Thursday about my house. The house that is for sale. The couple was going to come on Saturday. So, I cancelled my Friday plans...thank you, Sally for letting me reschedule...and went into marathon house cleaning.

As I have been tearing the place apart for two years trying to get rid of stuff and have my spare bedroom ready for paint and new flooring, the place was a wreck. I've also just finished a garage sale and have some of that stuff around. I will admit the upstairs bedroom is still a wreck but at least it's a neat wreck.

I am still working on some small things. I'm hoping to get my dad up here soon to put in the back splash and range hood. Then I'm done with anything I'm doing in this room. The major thing is the spare bathroom needing to be replumbed. Grr.... but that is the last of the major things.

I ache all over but I feel better for having done it. The couple came about 1 pm today. They brought her dad with them. They are looking for acreage because they have two dogs. I have 2.81 acres. There is also a built in dog house in my garage, completely insulated. I did not get a read on whether or not they were interested. I guess I wait to see if they call with an offer.

I have a few things I can do, yet to make it look better and I will do those things. I am getting rid of my library slow but sure. All the stuff I hung onto for whatever stupid reason is going. Sentiment only goes so far.

Today has stormed off and on, so I thought I get this in during a lull. I have been working on yet another baby layette. I am going to have another one to do soon, too. I cannot keep up with the demand. These two will make a dozen since January. The current one is for a girl. Waiting to hear what the next baby will be.

I am hoping to get back to my novel. I want to get a couple more chapters done. I think since things are getting back to normal that I might be able to do that. Wait, is there such a thing as "normal?" Probably not in my life.

Anyway that should bring you up-to-date on my current happenings.


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