Friday, August 5, 2011

Ponderings on a Friday

So I'm reading a book that is supposed to tell me how to become a millionaire. I am all for something that will help me supplement retirement. Following the book I surveyed friends and former co-workers (thank you to those who responded) on my strengths and skills. I know the flaws. I needed to see what others saw. I made a spread sheet listing the skills, strengths, and ideas I had. I shared the spread sheet.

Imagine my surprise when that person said, "Are you looking at non-profits?" I went back to my spread sheet and sure enough, my ideas are better for non-profits than money making. Guess that's where I am in my life. The stage where you give back.

Yesterday I got something in the mail and glanced through it. A job was posted there. It's only 24 hrs a week and is along the lines of one of my ideas. It would give me a little extra cash, but would not make me millions. I have some issues with one of their requirements. However they are church funded so, I don't think I can argue it. I will let it pass. Something else will come along.

I have pretty much accomplished nothing today unless you count thinking. I am looking for direction. My novels are going well. Life is good. I just need direction. I hate days when I get all philosophical. I question what my purpose is and why I am here. Only God has those answers.

Before I become morose, I am going to end this post.


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