Friday, August 19, 2011

How Did I End Up Here? Day 6

“Sam, they picked up Bannister. Would you like to be the one to tell him that he doesn’t have an heir?”
“You bet.” I turned to Doc and gave him a big hug. “Thanks so much.”
He handed me the file with the DNA report. Dad shook his hand and we walked out. The ride to the police department didn’t take long. They told Dad, Bannister was in an interrogation room. We walked in together.
“Mr. Bannister, imagine you here and under arrest,” I said sarcastically.
“What is she doing here? I’ve asked for a lawyer. I want her out of here,” he demanded.
“What you want doesn’t much matter. A public defender has been called until your lawyer can get here. I just thought I’d let Sam read the list of charges,” the Chief replied.
“She can’t do that. She’s a civilian. She has no right in this room,” he raged.
“Wrong, scumbag, I have every right to be here. You are first being charged with kidnapping, then there is the issue of the Rohypnol, finally there is the charge of impersonation.” I was enjoying this.
“You misled me. You advertized as a private investigator,” he complained.
“I am a private investigator. I’m also the daughter of the Chief of Police. That was your first mistake,” I informed him.
“You’re my daughter. I hired someone to find you,” he argued back.
“Taking photos of me does not make me your daughter. The DNA test in my hand says otherwise,” I was smirking now as I held up the folder Doc had given me.
“I didn’t have a DNA test done. Those results must be forged,” he defiantly.
“I had one done with my father. Those tests are correct. You aren’t my father. This is a good thing, because I have a file on you that will bury you in some stinking jail cell for a great number of years. You’ll probably be too old to father an heir when you see the outside again.”
“I have no idea what you are talking about. I want this woman out of here. I also want a private DNA test done. She is my daughter,” Bannister continued to insist looking at the Chief.
I turned and walked out, too angry with this spoiled rich man to care. I passed the public defender on his way to the conference room. I went to the other conference room. In a couple of minutes Anna joined me.
“So, how’s it going?” she asked care and concern filling her voice.
“I have the DNA test that says that scumbag in no relation to me. I should be happy. Instead I just want to bury him in a jail cell for a long long time.” Shrugging I tossed the file on the table.
“It will take time, Sam. This man wanted you to be someone you’re not. That’s hard to take.” Anna’s presence was comforting.
“I know in my head that you’re right, but my heart is angry.” I was having trouble letting go of my rage.
“Give it time. His arraignment is scheduled for one o’clock. Will you be there?” Anna asked.
“Yes, I need to talk to Dad then I’m going home.” I could feel the rage start to seep out, leaving me tire.
“Let me know if you need a lift.” She smiled and headed for the door.
“Thanks, Anna, for everything.” I returned her smile.
“No problem. It’s just a part of the ‘protect and serve’.” She left me and went back to her job. The Chief found me sitting at the table.
“Sam, are you okay?” he wanted to know.
“Yeah, Dad, I’m just angry.” I looked at him hoping to see my anger reflected there.
“Let’s get some lunch and then we’ll go to the arraignment together,” he suggested.
I nodded and we left. Lunch was a quiet affair at a little grill up the street from the police station.
After we had ordered Dad said, “I’m sorry we had to do the DNA test. Your mother is a good woman. She would never have wanted you to know there was a chance you were not mine.”
“It’s a dead issue. I am yours. That’s not what bothers me. I’m afraid he’ll make bail and I won’t be safe.” I looked at Dad rarely did I let him see my fear.

Big finish tomorrow, stay tuned.

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