Thursday, August 11, 2011


Many of you know I live in a remodeled farmhouse. I use the term remodeled in it's loosest sense. I have spent 24 years fixing the mistakes made by the guy who did this remodel. He was at best clueless. That however is another story.

We put insulation under the living room kitchen the first year and added a garage. It has been painted on the outside. I had heat runs put in the living room/kitchen and upstairs about 12 years ago.It got a new furnace 10 yrs ago, the first one burned itself up. Then 8 yrs ago it need a new pump. The downstairs bedrooms all have wood floors. There was a new roof put on 2 years ago. Just the things you do while living in a house.

The house is now too big and I am looking to move to a warmer year round climate. Not sure where that is yet, still looking. The house went up for sale a month ago. I put my for sale sign out front and no one has called. What a surprise!

Then I learned that there is a ground hog in the neighborhood. Okay, I am not an animal person. With the help of my Dad we put out two live traps. Lo and behold caught a ground hog today. Now what the heck do I do with it???? I called a pest control guy and he suggested that I get a 30 gallon garbage bag put the trap in that and fill it with water and drown the critter. Not going to happen. I called a friend who's husband is a taxidermist to see what should happen. He came out, dispensed with the ground hog, buried it cleaned the trap and helped put rocks in the hole. YEAH!!!

Now for the good news. I got my first phone call on the house today. Which means I need to get off the computer and get busy making it look presentable. People are coming on Saturday. Please let them make an offer. Please let it be an offer I can live with.

Where the heck am I going to live??? Not worried. I'll figure that out in good time. Keep reading and I'll keep you posted.


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