Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wild and Wacky Wednesday

Are we hot yet?  The day started early because who can sleep when it's hot? That's okay, I got a lot done this morning. A box of books packed for the nursing home. A bag of books delivered to the other nursing home. I located my 2 lb. weights for lifting. All laundry is done. Still finding things for the garage sale. Have a date for the sale.

July 29 and 30 we are selling things from my garage!!!!! Picking up my granddaughter the day before to give me a hand and returning her on Sunday.

Chapter 3 got rewrites done. I am keeping at that. Seven more to go then I can start writing again. Sent chapter 11 off to a writer friend for critique.

I've read the first chapter of Wendy Robbins book, Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Become One. So far I have learned that I am passionate, compassionate, and creative and that's not working for me. I am becoming a courageous, passionate, and take-action-now person. My mantra has become: If it's to be, it's up to me. I will be tackling chapter 2 next.

Had a nice lunch with Mom and Dad today. I am working on getting my kitchen cupboards all cleaned off. That way Dad can install a back splash. The only thing that will be left to do in the kitchen will be to put in a range hood.  I am still packing up things and pitching things. Today I shredded four grocery bags (the plastic ones) of documents that I no longer need. Yeah!!!! Jamie will not have to do this when I'm gone. Downsizing is energizing. The clutter is going.

I mailed off copies of Wendy Robbins' books to my daughter and her best friend. I have delivered the other one to a friend. I am really excited to make the changes that lead to prosperity.

Did a bit of shopping at K-Mart, stopped in at Glen's for groceries. Things just came together today. These are the kinds of days I enjoy.


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