Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Summer Day

No, I'm not complaining. This is what summer is all about. The heat, humidity, and just plain hot weather.  In spite of that I have accomplished a few things. I've packed up two crates of scrapbook supplies. I've emptied a box that will work for packing a tea pot or two. I've almost emptied a box of junk...not sure why I still had it. It too will make a good packing box.

I am in the process of listing all the books that I will donate to a local nursing home for their library. I am hoping they will get lots of use. It will be the second load of books I have taken to them.

I am slowly getting rid of the things that have taken up residence in my upstairs bedroom. Most will be pitched or  sold in a garage sale. Sometimes I wonder why I wanted to keep these things in the first place. Cleaning out 24 years of accumulation is not an easy task. I have outgrown or lost interest in some of the things. Others, well I just cannot explain. I am so looking forward to a garage sale.

Tomorrow I will begin the rewrites on the first ten chapters of the book I am currently writing. Then I will reread chapter 11 and continue writing. With any luck, I will have it well underway by the time my current book comes out. That will be an accomplishment. I'd like to have this one finished and to the publisher by Christmas for release in the spring. That means I will be working on the third in the series while I'm wintering in warm weather. :)

Not much exciting in my life at the moment.


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