Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why Do You Write?

I get this question a lot. It's followed by where do you get your ideas? I'll start with the first question. I write because I have stories to tell. My stories are waiting in line to find themselves on paper in book form. They have been waiting for years to escape. I will write until there are no more stories to tell.

My ideas I am afraid come from my mind. They come from life experiences. They come from something I've read and think it needs to be explored more. Some of my ideas don't make it for public reading. They didn't work as complete stories or I need to do research to make them work. For whatever reason, some stories just don't make it.

Do I write about people I know? Not usually. Yes, I might get a name or some trait from someone I know or knew once, but never do I write about a real person. To do that I would need to get written permission. I don't know anyone whose life I want to expose in anyway. So if when reading one of my books you find a trait you think is yours it might be. That just means at some time you touched my life and this is how I choose to remember it. Keep in mind that writers use poetic license all the time.

For now I'm heading to do rewrites. I am behind on that. Had hoped to be over halfway by today.


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