Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Better Late Than Not at All

Sleep has been slow in coming with the heat. Even when I do sleep it's not restful. I don't mind hot in the day, but I like cool for sleeping. I feel like I've been behind the eight ball all day.

Dishes got done, some laundry got done, I packed up four garbage bags of clothing for the garage sale, did a little grocery shopping, picked up the mail, typical any day. Nothing special.

I ordered the book 'Why Marry a Millionaire? Just Become One' by Wendy Robbins. I am hooked. This is the jump start I need to make positive change in my life. I need to see my own worth before I can expect others to see it. So, my new mantra is: If it's meant to be, it's up to me. I will be repeating that frequently to remind myself that I can do anything I set out to do.

I managed to get one chapter rewritten today. I had hoped to get a second one done, I might yet start it tonight. I find I am not tired.

I am fired up about having a garage sale in the next couple of weeks. I am ready for the stuff I've been amassing to be gone. I need the space for other things. I am trying to reclaim the house for myself as well as potential buyers. I still have projects to finish and have my check list that I cross things off the list every day. That feels good. Each thing done is one thing less to do when it's sold.

I had a friend drop in tonight. She had not seen my new wood floors or my spare room since it was finished. She was impressed. She can see where my house would make a good starter house for a young family. She did not realize how much property I have. Two point eight acres is no small amount. I have just enough to be country, but am close enough to a major freeway and just three miles from downtown. Just enough to be out of town and still be close to shopping, dining, and the cinema.

Hope everyone is staying cool in the heat wave. We are under a heat advisory until Friday. Outside work will not be something I'm doing for the next couple of days. Which is fine, because there is plenty to do inside.


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