Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Steamy Day

Heat advisory ends tonight. While we will still have summer temps, we are losing the humidity. I will not miss that. I prefer cooler nights for sleeping.

It's been a non-productive day. Some days are just like that. I spent a couple of hours with my sister at her cottage. Spending time with my sister is always good. We have grown closer as we have gotten older. This is a good thing.

Stopped in at Central Office to see if they had any empty boxes. No such luck. It is good to be able to stop in and know that I am not facing getting a classroom ready. While I sometimes miss the kids and the staff, I do not miss the everyday drama, pettiness, and politics that go with education today. Government has sucked all the fun out of it with their foolish mandates.

I will rewrite chapter four before going to bed tonight. While the temps have cooled outside, it has not yet cooled inside. It will be a while before I can sleep.

Hope everyone has a good Friday.


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