Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Monday Right????

What a frustrating day. I called AT &T about my ridiculously high phone bill. I have basic phone. 50 local calls a month. The bill $40.66. They can lower it by $10/mo. Gee it will still cost me $28.72/mo. Way too much for a phone that won't get used and has a basic cost of $14.61/mo. The taxes and surcharges double the bill. No thanks. Service cancelled after an hour most of which was spent on hold listening to their recorded moron telling me what a valued customer I am.

My second call was to Life Alert to tell them to discontinue my service as I no longer had a phone line and could not afford their $59.95/mo. (This in addition to the phone bill). The nice lady says you can keep your life alert on your cell phone for $29.95/mo. Now that is what I asked about when I first called. If you should want their services and get a smooth salesman named MJ, ask for someone else. Better yet shop around. ADT offers AARP discounts for their system. I just heard about the Phillips system, have no idea the price. UPS will be picking up the excess equipment tomorrow.

So, with my morning messed up I went to the post office and picked up some things at Wal-Mart. By the time I returned home the rain was over and the humidity was back. The other thing accomplished today was putting out my for sale sign on my house. We'll see if I get any calls. Hope to place an ad at the end of the month for a month.

Tomorrow will be back to sorting books, those for the nursing home, those for Kim, those for the garage sale, and those I am keeping. I will repack my collector Barbie dolls in a larger crate and use the smaller one to pack my scrapbooking supplies. I don't see me doing that for a while. Hopefully I can then have the card table for use during the garage sale. It should also free me up to bring the coffee table down to the staging area for the garage sale. I want the stuff gone.

I was able to get four chapters of my current book with all the rewrites done. That was 4428 words for today and a total of 24,922 total. Book has to be done so I can send first 5,000 words with query to publisher.

Happy Monday all, can't wait to see what Tuesday brings.


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