Thursday, July 14, 2011

Less Productive Day

While I have the first 23 chapters of rewrites done on my novel, I did not make as much headway in my home. I was able to get a box of books packed up for my niece. That means she has two here. I have a pile that I need to make a list of before I cart them off to the nursing home.

I will be packing up my scrapbook supplies as soon as I finish this post. I want things done and I know they are not going to do themselves.  I've made a list and am crossing things off as they get done. I am ready to have my garage sale. Once that stuff is gone I can start putting more stuff out to get rid of. I cannot believe some of this stuff even got saved. I will be glad to see it gone.

I've not seen the friendly little ground hog today. That makes me feel better. I'm still avoiding the breezeway. I doubt he came back in, but I cringe at the thought he was even there. Guess he was just curious. I've not seen one around here in years.

Time for me to get busy. It's been a long day.


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