Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm back

Have set up a new blog, still working on the website. Need to call tech support to get a calendar on the website. I have figured out how to hyperlink my blog. I really want to be back with a website again.

I am working on the rewrites for my newest book. Hope to have them done by Sunday. We'll see how that goes. My weekend is pretty full right now. Then I also need to get back to writing the next one. I am filtering all my professional stuff to a separate e-mail address. I have to be able to keep it separate from the other stuff I get.

The house is coming along and I am planning to put out the for sale sign this weekend. Just have to get the numbers for the phone put on the sign. I am still packing and pitching. I'm ready to have the garage sale.

Hope all of you have your summer reads or are busy writing.

TTFN (Ta Ta for Now)

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