Saturday, July 9, 2011

Much to do today

First it was time to say good-bye. My neighbor died the end of May and a Memorial service was held at Veteran's Park for him today. Close to 100 people showed up. There was a motorcycle motorcade from his house to the park. It was a wonderful tribute to a man I will miss greatly. RIP Bill Clemens, you've earned the right.

Then it was out to visit a cousin at her lake cabin. I got to meet her seven month old grandson for the first time. Patrick is a cutie and a very happy baby. I also got to meet the soon to be mother of her next grandchild. The new baby will be a girl Allie Marie. It was a pleasant afternoon.

Now as I reflect on the day, it was good to come together with neighbors and friends to celebrate a well lived life. Bill left a wonderful legacy. His children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren can be proud. Little Patrick has his entire life ahead of him and I will enjoy watching him grow.

It is time for me to find dinner and work on rewrites. Tomorrow will be another busy, busy day.


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