Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big Day

Just afternoon and my book submission has been sent to the publisher. I now have to wait for them to decide if I am what they are looking for. I so hate waiting.

To keep myself occupied, I am going to toss in a load of laundry and pack up some things from my upstairs. I have books to get ready to take to one of the nursing homes and scrapbook supplies to pack up. I'm sure there is more around here I can do and I will find it. Getting  a house ready for sale is not a one day job.

I skipped blogging yesterday to finish working on my manuscript. I had some exciting news on Thursday. One of my Facebook friends has gone away for the week-end to work on her memoir. We talked for hours as she has never written anything but a blog before. She was asking me how to get started and the steps she should be taking. I truly enjoy being able to encourage and mentor those who have a desire to write. I think memoirs are one of the hardest things a person can write. They are memories of a childhood or part of a life. Because they involve other people, I think it would be hard to be objective. I admire those people willing to open themselves up and share those parts of their life. I will stick to writing fiction where the characters are not real and no one will step up to say they remembered it differently.

I also have book two in my series to get back to work on. I can do rewrites on the first ten chapters. Chapter eleven is written and I can continue working on the rest. I am as excited about this book as the one I just finished. I've never carried my characters over into other books, mine have always been stand alone.  While each of the books in this series will stand on it's own, they have the same characters in the same town. New experiences for writers are good things. I continue to work on making my work better.

Well, I need to get busy.


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