Friday, August 7, 2015

Write Yourself Alive (not likely) 30 Days of Writing

August 7, 2015
Day 7
Dig Deeper: What is something you want or catch yourself dreaming about but deem “impossible”? Allow yourself to desire it with your whole heart for at least a few minutes. Repeat exercise daily.
Funny there is nothing I want I can’t buy or do. While yes, I dream. I know it’s a matter of finding the finances to fund the dream and I can do it.
Writing Prompt: Write two poems. (Here we go again) One using all soft sounds (???? Might want to explain this) and gentle tones that you can hear. (Really???) The other using hard sound and dissonance to portray the opposite. Note which one makes you feel more intensely and why.
Skipping today. I don’t write poetry on demand and this I can’t even relate to.

This is beyond frustrating.
No clue who is dreaming this up, but really?  

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