Sunday, August 23, 2015

Write Yourself Alive (I wasn't Dead) 30 Days of Writing

August 23, 2015
Day 23
Dig Deeper: How would you define your Creative Mission? Think long term, (no comma and is the conjunction) and examine your overall message as a writer—or, (no comma or is the conjunction) if not there yet, think of the message you’d like to communicate through your larger body of work.
I don’t know if I have a creative mission. I do know I want people to understand life is not black and white, it is filled with shades of grey and bright colors. Bad things happen to good people it’s how they react to them which provides character.
Writing Prompt: Write a short Writing Manifesto for yourself with 5-10 top goals, you have as a writer combined with reasons you write. They can be as specific or general, abstract or poetic—but they must resonate with what Writing Does for You and what you want to accomplish through it. Think of it as a Creative Contract you make with yourself. Sign it and hang it in your office as a motivational reminder of your Creative Mission.
When I think Manifesto, the Uni-bomber comes to mind. His was pages of illogical rantings against the government. I don’t see writing in the same light.
I write to let the voices in my head be heard. My characters live in my imagination and scream at me to let them loose. They are my dreams and adventures, I have places to go and people to meet. I do much of it in my writing.
I believe the writing has to be believable. Based on things which happen to real people every day, in every place. Some make the news and some don’t.
As to my goals, I wish to have a wider audience. I broader fan base so, I have a monthly income from my writing.
Improving what I write honing my craft so each story I tell is better than the last one.
To impact one person and prevent them from doing something foolish or detrimental to themselves. If one person’s life is changed by what I write, I will have accomplished more than money can buy.
It would be nice to see my name on a best sellers list or a library list of top sellers. Since I learned money can buy you a spot on the NYT list, I am no longer interested in it.
To be recognized by others in my field as a writer of substance would be awesome. “Oh, you write mysteries.” Like it is some kind of drivel.
I have one award, I’d like to see if I can get another. I work no varying the length of my sentences and still being succinct. I don’t write words just to fill some magical number. I did when I started, now I’m looking for substance, clarity, and continuity.

Will I sign this as some kind of contract? If I can figure out exactly how to write it as one, I might. Will I hang it on my office wall? Not likely. For starters I currently have no office. Secondly, my office will be in my home if I ever find one, and I have a plan in my head for how the office will look. This will not be part of it.

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