Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writing

Well, life got in the way and I missed yesterday's writing completely. I'll put it aside for the end of the program. I struggled with today until I read something someone posted about why they don't write historical fiction.

Day 11
Dig deeper: What is one leap into the dark, one commitment with the unknown-however small-you feel you need to take in order to grow wings? Not sure I know the answer to this. Took a huge leap into the little known in April and moved from my home state to a new state to begin a new chapter of my life. So, not looking for any leaps right now, just trying to settle in.
Writing Prompt: Today, try a new genre, style of writing or topic that you’re uncomfortable with. Anything goes (as far as style or subject)-as long as it stretches your comfort zone. Feel the growth pain. You don’t have to stay there long, but at least give the uncomfortable unknown a try.
This is difficult, I’ve written, poetry, self-help, mystery, thriller, romance, flash fiction, children’s, short story, novella, novel, fairy tales, not sure what’s left. I don’t write Science fiction, I don’t understand the genre. I’m not other world in that aliens and zombies don’t appeal to me. Going to have to think about this and get back to you.
Reading something by someone else gave me an idea on how to start.
Walking through the drafty castle, Elspeth held her candle high. Her bare feet made no sound on the cold floors. She had to get away. It was necessary to warn her father’s returning army of the ambush which awaited them.
She had tucked her hair up under a dark hat borrowed from a page and dressed as a page to the king. Her father, King John Drummond had set out to fight a clan to the south. A messenger had arrived this morning with word the King and his army would return victorious on the morrow.
While her father had been gone, his step-brother, Maxwell, had come out from behind his books to take over the castle. It seems, Maxwell had been waiting for the right time to assert himself. With his rag-tag friends they had faced little opposition and the men of the King’s guard had been imprisoned in the dungeon.
Elspeth was on her way to the dungeon to slip out the underground passage she’d found. Once outside she’s take a hidden boat and cross the moat. From there she hoped the villagers would help her to find the King. It wasn’t much of a plan, but it was the best she had.

There were voices ahead…

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