Saturday, August 22, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writing

Just eye rolling
August 22, 2015
Day 22
Dig Deeper: Do you do any creative planning? Do you block specific times for writing in your daily or weekly calendar or do you wait for inspiration?
I don’t block time in yet. Nor do I wait for inspiration. I write when I can find time. Some days I write more than others it depends on what I’m working on and how into the writing groove I get.
Writing Prompt: Write a Sci-fi themed chronological short story describing your first visit to another planet. Do it in a log/diary format, that (which…wish people would learn to use the correct word even my computer knew it was wrong.) occurs over the course of 24 hours. 
Done here. I don’t do sci-fi. I don’t like sci-fi. Don’t read it, not interested in it. Not going to even attempt it as it would sound contrived. Next….

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