Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writing

August 12, 2015
Day 12
 Dig Deeper: What are some of your most recent encounters with your shadow, your dark side, the monsters in your closet or your “demons?” How do you deal with the negative, darker aspects of your personality? I only have issues with the darker side of my personality when I am depressed. Since it’s been a while since I was depressed, I have no answer.
Writing Prompt: (Made me laugh) Create an alter ego. If you were to lead a double life, what would an alternative YOU look and act like? Think in terms of what you aren’t able to express easily or live out loud as the current YOU. What qualities and traits (positive and negative) would you give this alternative YOU? Describe this interesting character.
I have an alter ego. I’ve had her for over twenty-five years.  Meet Lady Rebecka, Duchess of Lilac. Her castle is on a hill surrounded by lilacs. She lives in a world of yesterday which makes her somewhat naïve and easily hurt. She’s a traveler. She takes lengthy trips then returns to her keep to rejuvenate herself. She is an out of the box thinker and risk taker. Which oft times allows her to make dangerous mistakes. Her life is one of international intrigue, most of which she keeps to herself. (It is my belief, she is secretly penning a memoir, but she won’t open the door for me to see. I also believe she has had many romances, again she keeps those to herself). She delights in afternoon tea. Prefers to have a maid for cleaning. Loves to cook and entertain. The Duchess is a challenge.

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