Monday, August 3, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writing

Allowing myself the use of the keyboard on a regular basis.

Day  3:
Dig Deeper: What is one creative aspect about you, you feel others fail to notice or you’d like to make more visible?
It took some thinking on this one, however I dislike the question, “You’re a writer?” Like I have fallen off another planet and there is no use for me here. I want someone to acknowledge the fact, writing is not easy. It takes intelligence to write something and write it well. I’m tired of being the eccentric because I have chosen to write.
Enough said.

Writing Prompt: Write a short story about yourself if you were a psychic and able to read the thoughts of those around you. A brief character study of the inner workings of the people around you.
          Juliette Rush stood in the shower hoping the fog invading her head would clear. It was then she felt her ankles stiffen as if someone had placed shackles on them. She shivered under the warm water. Someone she knew was being shackled by something or someone. She needed to clear her head so she could concentrate. Someone was in trouble.
          All her life it had been like this. She was able to read the thoughts of others. Then as she grew older she had feelings or premonitions. Her parents laughed saying, “It must be our gypsy heritage.”

          Juliette knew in her heart it was more than just heritage. It was a gift of gigantic proportions and she needed to guard it and use it wisely…

I have not finished the story. It will be done another time. I needed to start somewhere and this was a good beginning. Probably because I was up all night and the voices in my head were having a verbal war, making no sense at all.
Write on Writing Warriors

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