Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writiing

August 17, 2015
Day 17
Dig Deeper: Have you ever been perceived as “too sensitive,” or as “having too many issues?” Have you perceived others as such? Recall and explain.
Don’t know if I am perceived as being too sensitive, but have often been told I am too naïve. I am very trusting and usually trust the wrong people. It’s a flaw. While I try to correct it, I’m not sure I know how.
As ato my perception of others, I won’t write about friends or family unless I have their permission. So, how I perceive them is not something I will write about.
Writing prompt: Write a recipe for yourself. Write ingredients, the instructions, the results which (that is unacceptable usage here) will follow. Tell us how you are made, how you turn out, and what others can expect when they try. What makes you up? Time to think critically about all the components which(again wrong use of that) helped create you.

No idea how I would begin to do this. The results you get are a unique, eccentric, woman. She is spontaneous, flirty, affectionate, and loyal. She listens when you speak.  Is compassionate and caring. She loves deeply but remains an enigma to all who know her. 

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