Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writing

I'm playing catch up.
Day 15---I got nothin'. My poetry days are pretty much behind me.

August 16, 2015
Day 16
Dig Deeper: Recall a recent experience that (should be which I detest incorrect grammar) has made you feel vulnerable. Why? What was your default reaction to this vulnerability? Recently my health has not been what it should be, soaring blood sugars and drastically dropping blood pressures have frightened me and left me feeling helpless. I have been forced to learn what to do for these things when they happen, however as someone who lives alone, I need someone who can notice when I am missing. I devised a sign with my landlord and my neighbor. One side says “I’m Okay” and has a smiley face. The flip side says “Still Okay” with another smiley. I turn the sign every morning. This lets them know I have made it through the night and am ready for the day. I’ve also consulted my medical team…yes, I have a team. We are now controlling both the blood pressure and the blood sugars. I am relieved. But, feeling like you might not wake up one day is frightening.
Writing prompt: Open up and pour: While sitting in a noisy place, open up your mind and simply write, stream of consciousness and without editing or judgement, for a full 10 minutes.
Currently overwhelmed and antsy at the same time. Am launching a new part-time business. Today was the kick-off and a thunderstorm came through and took out my internet. Ugh. I was in the middle of a give away. I had just unpacked the box with my ladies and we were talking about this new venture. I had to frantically call my daughter and ask her to tell the two ladies who won, and also explain my loss of internet. At least I was planning to do this over three days. She asked them join me tomorrow same time.
On top of this, I am supposed to at this very moment be on a telephone interview for my book Sanctuary. I lost the internet and the phone number I was supposed to call.  I put a call into my publicist, however she is away from her desk so, I’m not going to get the number from her. Missed opportunity to talk about writing. I really hate when it happens. This is an awesome person to interview with.
Awaiting the arrival of books so I can be ready for the Decatur Book Festival Labor Day weekend. Am looking forward to meeting my design team in person and some of the other authors they represent. A few sales over the weekend would be a bonus. This is just not going to be my day.
Need to set up the  file box for Style Dots, so my paperwork is organized and I know what I’m doing. Also need to put boxes somewhere and just pick up in general.
Waiting to hear if I got the house I offered for. The deal is there are two of us offering for the same house and they asked for last best offer today. I was hoping not to have to go that high. Now it is a matter of wait and see. I hate waiting. Makes me crazy as I am not patient at all. Never have been, want it now. One would think having carried a baby to full term I’d have learned patience. Um, no. Yet, all my friends tell me I have more patience than anyone they know…odd, I don’t see it that way. Maybe my perception is off. Just know this is not how I want to spend my days. Waiting for the phone to ring.  Been there, done that as a kid, hoping the right guy would call. Just hate waiting.
Now I’ve filled up fifteen minutes of rambling, I’m done.

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