Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writing

I feel as though I have returned to my high school and undergraduate days of college. Meaningless prompts I am supposed to make into brilliance. I'm done trying to do things like that. I don't write on demand and I won't invent something I can't relate to just to satisfy some unknown you perceive.
Day 5
Dig Deeper: What do you do to fill up when you’re feeling empty? What type of soul-fillers do you use?
I’m not sure I know. I’m finding fullness in my faith. But for what exactly I use, I don’t know to put it into words.
Writing Prompt:  Write an entire poem without using any punctuation. Write it again properly punctuated. Compare the emotional impact of the two. Apply this as you decide how to use punctuation going forward.
Um….seeing blank paper. I have never written poetry without some kind of emotional attachment to it. To say write a poem leaves me hanging. I am a writer who does not write on demand and this is exactly the kind of prompt which turned me off in high school and college classes. There’s nothing. Pick something out of the air???? Can’t do it.

Passing on today…no time to wrack my brain to write senseless, meaningless words.


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