Saturday, August 8, 2015

Write Yourself Alive 30 Days of Writing

Day 8
Dig Deeper: What treasures have you lost in the fires of life? What would you like to recover? How far are you willing to go? In the fires of life I’ve lost a couple dolls I wish I still had. Seems silly, but not at the time. One thing I’d like to recover which was lost in a flood was an autograph book I had in elementary school. Some wise words were written in there by people I admired. As far as recovering the items, I don’t at this point in my life care to try and do any recovery. I think my memories and the emotion of those times are enough.
Writing prompt: Write a poetic love list of at least 21 details about your human experience that make you fall in love with life and savor it. Try to write at least one sentence for each one and show why you love them vs just listing the items.
1.   The intense eyes as they are focused on a video game, the shyness which overtakes him in a crowd and the funny sense of humor which is my grandson, Jason.
2.   The sparkling blue eyes and energy in motion which make up my enchanting granddaughter, Megan.
3.   The witty sarcasm which underlies her insecurities and makes her the life of any gathering is my daughter, Jamie.
4.   The constant in my life who keeps me balanced and puts up with my idiosyncrasies as well as my mercurial mood swings. The one person who holds my heart, Mike.
5.   Strange as this may seem, the days and weeks I spent at my parents’ cottage in Vanderbilt, Michigan surrounded by wildlife, wind, and trees were some of the most peaceful times in my life. No cell phone, no internet, and not much TV. Just me and the sound of my fingers tapping the keyboard as I worked my way through a novel.
6.   Walking through the woods with no destination in mind. Listening to the sounds of nature and letting them fill my soul. Re-energizing my brain and body.
7.   Driving in rural South Carolina where the live oak trees canopy the roads and the Spanish moss hangs down. The enveloping peace which belongs only there.
8.   Pouring myself into the pages of a good book. Shutting out the world around me to live in the world of the book. Becoming the shadow character or identifying with the main character and living it all.
9.   Long walks on a sandy beach, holding hands, and listening to the waves as they crash upon the shores. Feeling how insignificant I really am in the big scheme of things. Yet, being a part of a magical world.
10.          Looking into the woods beyond my apartment and envisioning the elves, fairies, and gnomes at play. Watching the chameleons run across the railing changing colors and basking in the sun. Reveling in the wonders just outside my door.

Today I’m stopping with ten. I can come up with more, but ten seems more reasonable. 

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