Thursday, October 1, 2015

T-30 days and Counting

I'm really glad my new house is on a hill. They issued flood warnings early this afternoon. And the Governor has now declared a state of emergency due to flooding. I am not particularly worried. I have food. I have no where I have to go before Monday, although I'd like to get to church on Sunday.

I have plenty to keep me busy for a few days. Rest assured there is still packing to do. I have some items I need to get to the post office and get shipped. But, if need be they will wait. Mail I can put in the outgoing box here at the apartment complex.

Power washing got done before the rain set in. They neglected to tell me it would shoot mud and yuck under my door. Not impressed with it at all. Something which could have been prevented if there were storm doors.

I have an offer of shelter if Hurricane Joaquin should change direction and head this way. I am praying it will not as one access off the island will be closed by morning if it isn't already. I am hunkered down for the duration. Might have to reopen the DVD's and watch a few again. Or might see what I can stream on the computer.

And why am I writing this at 1 am? I seem to be having an issue with my days and nights. It generally corrects itself on its own, so I'm not going to over think it. For now I just go with the flow.
Soon my mind will shut down on its own and I will sleep deeply. In the meantime, I am making a list of what to pack tomorrow.

I'm baking bread tomorrow so, the mixer stays out as does the crockpot. But I have some spices and other items I won't be using before the move which can be packed. I have items in the bathroom which can be packed as I have to empty the cabinet in there so it can be moved when we move. It will not be completely emptied until the day before the move as some things I do need a place to store them. Office supplies can find their way back into boxes. I'll keep out only what I actually need. Craft supplies can be packed. See, I have plenty to do.

So, let it rain. I will survive.


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