Friday, October 23, 2015

T-7 Days and Counting

At this point I am doing nothing but packing. I'm not grocery shopping, I'm not buying anything but garbage bags and a Swiffer mop. Mine did not survive the trip down here. 

Management and I are good on me cleaning on Sunday and doing a walk through and turning in keys on Monday with my final payment. Since my deposit is being returned, we will put it toward a month's rent and I will not have to pay as much to break the lease. This is a good thing.

Monday's to do list looks something like this:
  • Next Steps volunteering from 8:30am to noon
  • Contact Berkeley Electric about transferring service
  • Contact St. John's Water about setting up an account and starting service
  • Change address at the post office
  • Purchase garbage bags and Swiffer
  • Pack as much of kitchen as possible. 
  • Contact AT&T about internet.
Tuesday & Wednesday look like more packing. Thursday is final walk through of the house. I need to check a couple of things.

Friday is closing. In the afternoon I am moving some small things into the house. Mostly clothes and items I need to know where they are. Stripping my bed and doing laundry if possible. If not I'll haul all the laundry to the house and sit it on a shelf in the laundry closet. 

Saturday is moving. We have the truck for 6 hours. I know we can get this done.

Sunday is sweep, mop,vacuum the apartment, clean kithchen and bathroom. Make sure it looks like new. 

Monday, Nov. 2nd 10am walk through and pay final rent. 
Tues. Some silly Dr. appt. Hopefully go scout out a new washer and dryer.
Wed. Dentist appt. Hopefully a washer and dryer can be delivered. Laundry time.
Thurs. Settle in

So my work is cut out. Don't look for me on Facebook. If you need me, call or text. If you're volunteering to help with the move, let me know. I'm still looking for a head count.


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