Wednesday, October 28, 2015

T-3 Days and Counting

Okay, it's Wednesday. I am officially overwhelmed. The final draft of closing papers came today via email with what I need to bring for closing costs. No real shock there. The shock came when I was told I had to surrender all of my credit cards. I knew they had to paid but nothing was said about surrendering them. Although I almost think this might be a good idea.

On my list of things to do??? Pack. I'm beyond where I can even think. So, I'm just packing. Whatever was on the list will get done. I just know as I look around I am overwhelmed. Most of my things were packed. Where on earth did all these boxes come from?

I have checked all the papers I need for the closing, they are in a file and I know where the file is. I have checked the items I need to put where I can find them. Those will be the items I take with me on Friday afternoon. I have the items I need for cleaning they will stay here on Saturday.

Garbage goes out tomorrow, I will take it out again on Sunday after I have cleaned the apartment. Monday morning I do the walk through, pay the last rent, and drop off the keys. While I am not an apartment dweller by nature, these are not bad. Some of the people I've met here are super. It's not a community, it's just people who live here and work. While it is not transient, people stay for a long time. And 8 of the units are owned by the people who live in them, so there is some permanence.

Remember not to look for me for a while after Friday as I will be without internet until I figure out what I can get. I still worry it will be Comcast. Although not until they fix it so I'm not paying for TV since I never ordered TV in the first place.

Back to my boxes.


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