Tuesday, October 6, 2015

T-25 Days and Counting

The sun was shining today. I could get used to it again. I was out and about. The house weathered the storm just fine. It was pretty neat to see the front yard markers.

The seller (also the other realtor) sent me samples today to choose the flooring for my three bedrooms. I picked one of the four choices. I can hardly wait to see it down. Soon.

I want to measure the bedroom windows for shades and curtains. I also need to measure the dining room and kitchen windows for the same. I am not a fan of blinds.  Living room curtains I already have and they will look nice.

Next will be the security system. Things are moving right along. The bank checking with my apartment manager to see what kind of tenant I am and whether I pay my rent on time. No issues there.

So at this point, I've been approved. The home inspection has been done and the seller agreed to fix the things that were wrong. The land survey is done. The floors are being put down. I have the home owners insurance and  new car insurance. I've been repacking. I have more to do. To destress I've been reading or crocheting. So, I'm getting things done, mailed out, or put in a box for Christmas.

Tomorrow I'm taking out the trash and repacking some more. I'm finishing a birthday gift today. Then I have a couple more items to get done. I'm labeling boxes so I know where they go. They will be easier to sort if I can put them in the right rooms to begin with.

To say I'm getting excited is an understatement. I'm getting excited. I'm ready to be settled. The upheaval is making me nuts. And in my mind I'm picking color schemes as I know I need color.


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