Thursday, October 22, 2015

T-8 Days and Counting

Okay are we starting to get a little frantic, yet? The answer would be not really. I walked through the house today and got photos with the new floor in the bedrooms and hallway. Doors are not in yet. I found a couple things I was unhappy about, but I'll fix them. They are minor.

This is the best photo of the floors. This is the smallest bedroom and will be my office/sewing/craft room. I have come to the conclusion it is senseless to unpack then repack when I am ready to paint. I'll be painting all the bedrooms and the living room before I unpack everything. I'm not packing again unless I get the hairbrained idea to move again. So, the room you are looking at will be a light green with a dark green feature wall. From the window to the corner and the corner half way across the wall will be book shelves. My desk will sit on an angle in front of the book shelves and will have room for my two drawer file cabinet. Book shelves will be open so the green walls will show through, um hopefully. Depends on if I get rid of some books or not. And the blinds will be replaced with roller shades and lace curtains.

The apartment has a path through the living room, I am trying to make a path in the spare room to get to empty boxes. The whole thing is a project.

On the upside I was able to reserve a 17 foot UHaul for relatively little money. We have six hours to get us moved out and the truck returned. I have two dollies a big one and a small one. It should keep us busy.  If I have enough people to help me we should be able to knock it out in less than six hours. Took three of us 5 hours to unload when we got here and put up the two beds. I don't think we'll have an issue. We aren't going as far this time.


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