Tuesday, October 27, 2015

T-4 Days and Counting

Tuesday accomplishments:

  • Movers are hired and will be here at 9am on Sat. They will take down and set up beds. 
  • Cannot get AT & T Uverse at the new house even though they have a hook up in my front yard. This was a major part of my afternoon.
  • Have spoken to my person at the bank and his assistant
  • Have spoken to the paralegal at the attorney's office
  • Needles for insulin have been ordered
On my left to do list:

  • Call Direct TV as it looks like they will be the best game in town
  • Make the bread
  • Find dinner
  • Continue packing
The continue packing will be on the list for the rest of the week. Added to the list somewhere in there probably for next week is to call my friend, Jane LaRoche to get information on her friend who does interior painting.

I will be mad if I am forced to take Comcast with me for internet. They are awful.

I am also working on Christmas gifts so there is that to keep me busy when I cannot look at a box one more minute. For times when I need sanity. I'm hoping the rain from Hurricane P will blow out by the week end. Yes, we are getting some. Moving in the rain is not my idea of fun.

Things are progressing.

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