Thursday, October 29, 2015

T-2 Days and Counting

Okay I will never be ready. I had planned to spend the entire day packing. That's a joke. I got to spend the entire day running around for the bank and the attorneys. I did get to do the walk through of the house. Both outlets have been fixed and so has the shower, which will get a new head. The painter was there to do touch up work. I feel kinda bad as I will be painting the grey walls as soon as possible.

So this is what to day looks like:

I needed some space cleared in the living room. These are books I've written. And there are more somewhere. But I have gained a little space.

Me, looking at what I have to crawl over to get to the empty boxes I will be half the night filling. See the horror in my eyes.  But as soon as I post this, I'll be back at it. Might or might not have a post tomorrow.


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