Monday, October 26, 2015

T-5 Days and Counting

Monday: Checked off my to do list are
  • Power is in my name starting Friday
  • Water is in my name starting Friday
  • Meds were picked up and address was changed.
  • Address was changed at bank and checks were ordered
  • Next Steps was accomplished.
  • All bills are paid and mailed
  • Moving crew is hired.
  • Address change has been picked up from post office
  • Broken package, thrown against the door on Friday was left with PO complaint dept.
  • Baby layette, winning gift from party have been mailed.
Still left to do::

  • Order needles for insulin from doctor
  • Call AT & T about Uverse for internet
  • Call Direct TV
  • Cancel Comcast on Friday & return all equipment
  • Continue packing
  • Find dinner
  • Write humorous bio for author spotlight
  • Write 300-1500 word story due Nov. 5th for Christmas anthology (Before Friday on both writing pieces as I won't have internet for a while after Friday).
  • Make last loaf of bread and do dishes.
Yeah it looks like a shorter list, but really it's not. I'm taking the garbage out on my way to find dinner. I'm not cooking this week. If I can't eat it on a paper plate with my fingers, it's not being served. Everything is being packed. Except one coffee mug so I can have my daily dose of tea. That means one pan gets left out, too. But since it will only have water in it, I'm not concerned.

Breathe, just breathe.

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