Friday, October 16, 2015

T-15 Days and Counting

Been a busy place here, but the large dolly arrived this evening.

Many thanks to my friend Beth for delivering and Linda for loanin. As you can see there are some boxes there. Just wait, I have more.

The small file box I used on Mondays for Next Steps. It carries information to help me help others. Oh wait, there's still more.

This is a second tower I have in the living room. There is a third, but due to the fact there are Christmas presents in that stack I am not able to take it at this time. Just know packing is in full swing. Baking pans get packed tomorrow.  Once I bake a loaf of bread in my crockpot, both it and the mixer are being washed and packed. Getting to the empty boxes is proving to be the hardest thing I have to do. But, I'll get there. 


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