Wednesday, September 30, 2015

T-4 Weeks and Counting

I can hardly believe the house will be mine in a month. I'll be moving again for the second time this year. I have been packing up the things I will not use in the next month so they are done. Can I just tell you how I hate looking at boxes? I'm going to break down everyone I don't need when I unpack and recycle them. I am sick of boxes.

The appraisal by my bank has been done. The land survey is being done Oct. 5th. The repairs from the home inspection were pretty minor and those are being addressed by the seller. She also had a termite inspection done. I have learned the house is well insulated, something I cannot say about the apartment.

I'm going to rent a 16 ft. truck for the day. I have a friend loaning me a dolly and I have a small one. So, we can load two at once. It will take two trips with the truck to get everything. I suspect all the boxes will go in the first truck load and all the furniture will get broken down and loaded in the second load.

Lamps will go in my car, clothing will go in my car, and wall art will go in my car. So will all the plants. Once we have returned the truck, I can come back to the apartment sweep and mop floors, scrub toilets and sinks, and vacuum all the carpeted floors before I pack the broom, mop, and vacuum.

Since I am moving out on a Saturday, I won't be turning keys in until the following Monday, along with my final lease breaking payment. The property manager and I will take a last walk through so he can inspect for damage and I will get my damage deposit returned shortly thereafter.

Then comes the business of unpacking and setting up my home. I'm excited. I'm ready for this. Apartment living is as bad as I remember it being. And I haven't lived in an apartement since I was an undergrad in college.

In my mind I am already thinking of color schemes for each of the rooms. I am not a person who can live with neutrals. I need to be surrounded by color. Calming colors are best, blues, lavendars, greens, the colors of water. Although I like the colors of sunrise and sunset. It will be interesting to see what I finally choose.


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