Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home Inspection Today--We Passed!!!

Move in in about six weeks. I can hardly wait. I will no longer have boxes and boxes. The house, it's a cute little ranch.

Why there it is. I will have to put a storm door on, but that is minor. Many houses don't have storm doors here. I don't understand, today there was a wonderful breeze.  I also had a neighbor stop in to say hello and pose for a photo.

I also had a mystery red leafed tree next to the porch. Today I read the tag. It's a Plum Krauter Vesuvius. I will have plums!!!! I love plums.

I'm so ready for this. I can hardly wait. I want this six weeks to go by quickly, but when I look around and see all I have to do, I want it to go slowly.  Looking forward to having a home again.



  1. Your new home looks lovely, hope you will be very happy there.

  2. Thanks, Sally. I can hardly wait to get moved in.


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