Friday, January 31, 2014

365 Photos Days 30 & 31

I am slipping here, but it was important to finish my novel yesterday. So, today I'm doing two in one.

Donny Winter was a stranger to me until a year ago. I am forever blessed he has come into my life. We met because of a bullying issue. He's talented, runs his own youtube station. He's a writer, which means he understands some of my quirks. We have wonderful conversations. It's amazing. Today we had a long lunch together.

This beautiful young lady has become my second daughter. I have known Jen Evans since she was about 18 mo. old and I have been lucky enough to watch her become an amazing young woman. She is gaining confidence in her own abilities. Although she has not yet found her niche, in life I am convinced she knows she has a purpose. We had dinner together tonight. For once we were not commiserating about the pitfalls of home ownership. Love you, Jen.

I know I am blessed by the people in my life.



Welcome to the New Year, New Life

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