Saturday, February 1, 2014

365 Photos Day 32/Book Review

Today's post is a bit different. It's not just a photo of a book. It's the photo of a book I'm going to review. I'm going to preface by saying C. Hope Clark and I have never met. I stumbled on The Writers Chatroom (  and she was featured one night. It was a wonderful and educational experience. So, when I was given the chance to read her book The Shy Writer Reborn, I was thrilled. Now for the book review.

The Shy Writer Reborn by C. Hope Clark is filled with important things all novice writers and experienced ones can learn from. I began reading thinking I wouldn't learn anything new. I was wrong. I've learned while I've been told all my life I'm an extrovert...I knew I was not. I also knew I wasn't and introvert. I am an ambivert....a combination of both. Imagine that.

All writers now carry the burden of promotion. Some are more able to stand in front of a crowd and pitch themselves and their books. Others would rather hide in a closet and hope the book sells itself. Ms. Clark is able to give tips on how to overcome the fear of speaking as well as how to find your center and present your best self. 

"'s frightening having to sell yourself." You bet it is. Go to a book signing and not have your books arrive, yet you are expected to give and hour talk. Be at a book signing and no one shows up. Keep smiling. C. Hope Clark can help you face these. She has a bundle of information on how to 'save' face. 

This is a book I will use for reference for many years. If you are shy or a shy writer, I highly suggest this be a book you put in your library.



  1. Thanks so much, Rebecka. This was wonderful to wake up to today. Hope Clark

    1. Hope, I have posted a different one on and goodreads. Any place else you'd like it posted let me know.

    2. You're a doll. Three posts is more than enough. Thank you.


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