Thursday, February 13, 2014

365 Photos Day 44

Of course you knew I'd get around to food. That is the best lobster I have ever eaten. It came with butterfly noodles and a melon slice. It was half a lobster. Jamie had the other half. First it was put in boiling water, then sliced and cooked over an open flame. Where did we find this? Johns Island in the US Virgin Islands.

We had taken a ferry from St. Thomas to John's Island.  Then we took a bus rid to one of the beaches. While the beach was nice, you had to battle the mosquitoes to get to and from the bus area. We stopped in the market area, did some shopping, had lunch at the Lime Inn,  and changed from wet swim suits to street clothes for the ferry back. All-in-all an awesome day.



  1. I love lobster! This looks and sounds delicious. What a great place to eat such a fantastic meal! :)

    1. Thanks, DMS. Up until this time I had only eaten lobster tails. This was magnificent.


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