Sunday, January 19, 2014

365 Photos Day 19

Anyone who knows me well knows this is true. I've been a daydreamer all my life. Made studying difficult. Made staying on task difficult. Allowed me to crawl between the pages of a book and shut out the world.

It also allows for a vivid imagination and a mind which has no shut off button. I have to be totally exhausted to sleep. Even in sleep my mind runs wild.

Probably why I write. The only way to let my demons out and find peace.

It does not mean I don't deal with the everyday tasks involved in living. I may not like real life as much as my daydreams, but I cannot ignore it. I've tried. It doesn't work.

 Being a daydream means I see the good in everyone, often resulting in deep disappointment when they prove me wrong. And  deep hurt that I have once again fallen victim to my own idealism. But it is what it is.


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