Tuesday, January 7, 2014

365 Photos Day 7

This astonishing young lady turns 16 today. I cannot imagine life  without her. From the time she could walk, she would carry an arm load of books to me saying, "Read a me, Granny." One time while talking on the phone she made this request and I told her I couldn't because she had all the books. She still likes it when I read to her.

She's an outstanding althlete, something she did not inherit from me. She is also an outstanding student. She does not like it when her grades fall below an A. As a ninth grader she was sure she was failing honors geometry and warned her parents before conferences. They opted to go see the geometry teacher first. She had a 93% highest grade in the class. Lowest grade she had. ~insert and eye roll here~. We had to explain to her how percentages worked for grades.

She is a delight. She came to visit a couple years ago to help me with a garage sale. Many complimented her on how cheerful she was. She was a big help, but was tired out from the experience. Besides she got to go ride the jet ski with her aunt afterward.

Happy Birthday, Megan.



  1. I can relate to her very well! I never liked seeing my grades go below an A. Then I got into abstract algebra and had to learn that C's aren't the same as F's. She's a beautiful girl!

    1. Thanks, JM I'm a bit partial to her. She strives each day to be better than the day before.


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