Friday, January 3, 2014

365 Photos Day 3

I was not sure how this book would be received. Nor did I know if it would measure up to the first Macy book. The topic is a touchy one. Bullying happens more and more frequently especially since the advent of social media. It's always been around, but the number of children dying or being maimed as a result of bullying is staggering.

Today I saw a young girl who was bullied for having a big nose. She has been home schooled for the past tw years and has few friends. So, they opted for plastic surgery to fix a deviated septum and give balance to her face. What are we becoming?

This book however has exceeded my expectations. It has won Turning Pages 2013 Mystery Book of the Year Award. I am going to be honored at a book signing and awards ceremony in Orlando, Florida this spring.  So, professionally, as a writer, this is a crowning moment.


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