Wednesday, January 29, 2014

365 Photos Day 29


A tombstone? Yes, but not  just any tombstone. I found this the first time I went digging up bones. This one caught me off guard because the name on it is Catherine Mae Hudson Henderson. She was born on August 15, 1880 and she died May 3, 1960. She was born Kansas and died in Detroit, Michigan. It caught my eye because this tombstone belongs to my great Grandmother.

I contacted the person who had it on  their family history site and said I thought we might be related. Imagine my surprise to find a cousin named Catherine Mae for her grandmother. Cathy's mom and my grandmother were sisters. So, finding living family has been a bonus.

After I posted the other photo I found while doing family history search, I sent the blog on to the cousin whose parents were in the photo. Rick lives in Cornwall, England. He shared the blog with another cousin, Murray, who also lives in England and Murray....whose grandfather was the brother to my great grandmother...and I are now in contact via e-mail.

I wonder who else I can dig up???? I have learned that through my great Grandmother, Catherine Mae Hudson Henderson,  my 26th great grandfather was William the Conqueror. Imagine that, I'm the great granddaughter of a King...although he is not the only King on that side of the family.

Who can you dig up?

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