Monday, January 27, 2014

365 Photos Day 27

Pretty muchh how it has looked for the past three or four days. Not much change in the future. I did venture out into the frozen tundra today. I mailed bills, picked up mail, did some banking, went in and paid a bill, ordered propane, and finally went to visit a friend who has cabin fever as much as I do.

Was I layered? You bet. Jeans and my warm socks with my UGGS, tank top, shirt, fleece vest and fleece jacket, and gloves. Um forgot the hat and decided not to go back in for it. Started my car, opened the garage door, hiked through the snow, which came above my boots, scraped off the pig and discovered my propane tank was at 20%. Translate it to mean I have 100 gallons. I now have 71 more coming.  Not only has the price gone up, but they charge me an extra $45 because they are not delivering 200 gallons. It's a catch-22. I am just praying I will have enough to carry me to the next time I have money coming in, but with the weather this cold, I doubt it.

Hope everyone is staying warm.


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