Monday, January 13, 2014

365 Photos Day 13

This is my farmhouse in winter. Note the grey sky and the icicles. It's not a bad house. It just doesn't suit me for a number of reasons. One it's in Michigan where it gets bitter cold in the winter and the ground is filled with white stuff. Two, is it is a story and a half. The entire upstairs is used for nothing but storage. Waste of good space.

I've lived her for close to 26 years. It's the longest I have ever lived anywhere. Which seems amazing to me. It has 1.8 acres requiring mowing about once a week. I wish all the neighbors were on the same mowing schedule. I am allergic to grass. While fresh cut grass smells good to some people it plays havoc with  my sinuses.

It does not afford me a place for long leisurely walks. I live on a main road and would not recommend anyone walk along them. It also does not allow for peace and quiet. I long for peace and quiet.

So, I am prepared to sell it to someone  with a family or contemplating a family. The three bedrooms need to be used. It needs life  breathed into it again.

Let me know if you're interested.

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