Sunday, November 11, 2012

Warm Sunny Days

I am most thankful for warm, sunny days. I am a person who thrives in the sun. Getting a chance to walk in the sun in November without a jacket and still in my sandals. That to me is a bit of Heaven on Earth.

I appreciate the seasons, but know I suffer from SADS-Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome. I also know for me, if I am not careful it leads to depression. Since I don't like where depression takes me, I try to avoid it.

I feel energized when I have the chance to get out and walk. I prefer long walks in the woods or on the beach,(beach walking starts in just over seven weeks) but I settled for the strip mall in town today. I was on a mission to find something.(I did get part of what I was looking for). So, I parked at one end and walked to the other and back. I used to walk the strip mall because four times up and down was a mile. Today it was just vigorous walking once and back. Then I was off to WalMart, where they did not have the other item I was looking for. Ugh. I know where to get it though.

Today, I am most thankful for warm, sunny days, to walk.

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